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AR/VR Is Picking Up Speed In The Auto Industry

Anyone even vaguely involved in the auto industry will confirm AR/VR’s revolutionary impact. Every link in the chain is being rethought—production, design, navigation, education, customer experience, maintenance, and safety. Innovations are happening now and analysts are already predicting massive changes. Consumers will reap the benefits with more accessibility and options. Mass marketing is dissipating amidst

VIVA Creative and VIVA VR Studios Launch EventView360˚ – A First of its Kind Virtual Reality Suite for Global Event Organizers

Washington, DC (November 29th, 2016) – VIVA Creative (www.vivacreative.com) and its virtual reality lab, VIVA VR Studios (www.vivaVRStudios.com) announce the launch of EventView360˚, an integrated suite of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services designed specifically for global event organizers. “Virtual and augmented reality will drastically change event marketing,” says Lorne Greene, CEO of VIVA Creative.