Virtual Showrooms are Here. What’s Next?

Yes, Virtual Reality is changing automobile marketing.

Brands are developing virtual showrooms and mobile test drive experiences to lure younger buyers. Digitally-driven millennials can explore a 3D showroom stocked with cars or take a 360-degree test drive – all from the comfort of home.

Virtual showrooms provide an easy and fun way for buyers to shop on their terms, but what comes next?

The trend of 2017 is to bring VR and AR experiences to target audience in authentic places. Think sporting events, music festivals, retail centers, and restaurants. Auto brands need to think beyond sponsorship, moving toward a two-way partnership with relevant consumer brands. VR/AR experiences will move outside of a showroom and into the car, pulling in new buyers via two-way partnerships with relevant consumer brands.

What does this mean for you?

Through VR and AR, auto brands must be thinking about bringing showroom and driving experiences to audiences where they choose to be. This will require a new type of partnership thinking.

Contact VIVA VR Studios to discuss new strategies for automobile brands to connect with buyers using Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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