Virtual “Elf-Venture” Brings Cheer and Laughter to Hospital Patients

Free Virtual Reality Video Brings Elves, Holiday Cheer and ICE!  Into Kids’ Hospitals & Homes   Washington, DC (December 22, 2016) – This holiday season, young hospital patients can experience the holiday cheer of a giant ice and sculpture show through the magic of virtual reality.   “Elf-Venture in ICE” is being made available,

VIVA VR is Partner of Choice to Architects & Environment Designers

VR is changing how architects visualize designs. In our state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Studio, we help architects bring designs to life in breathtaking detail using Virtual and Augmented Reality. We help you draw your clients into an exciting 360 degree world of dimension, scale, and feeling. We provide an incredibly real walk-through simulation that will make your audience feel as if

Virtual Showrooms are Here. What’s Next?

Yes, Virtual Reality is changing automobile marketing. Brands are developing virtual showrooms and mobile test drive experiences to lure younger buyers. Digitally-driven millennials can explore a 3D showroom stocked with cars or take a 360-degree test drive – all from the comfort of home. Virtual showrooms provide an easy and fun way for buyers to