Vuforia & Unity Come Together To Mainstream Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) enters the fast lane with two of its top innovators. Global gaming colossus, Unity, has assimilated its capabilities with Vuforia; a pioneering force in the AR world. These cutting edge entities are no strangers to each other and have been used in tandem by leading developers such as EA and Square Enix. As both of these visionaries join forces, the future of Augmented Reality becomes bigger and brighter.

Some stats on the two companies lend insight into the partnership’s significance:

  • Vuforia has a worldwide network of more than 230,000 registered developers and 25,000 applications. These apps were installed 260 million times making it the largest AR entity to date.
  • Unity boasts a staggering 2 billion unique device downloads of games their technology has touched. This number represents Q1 in 2016 alone. The Unity game engine is solely responsible for 34% of all top shelf games in the global market.

As for AR/VR’s potential, Jay Wright, Vuforia President, has a particular vision, “…there was desktop, there was web, mobile and now AR/VR.”

Simplicity, ease of use and accessibility were the main motivators behind the alliance. A strategic collaboration between these platforms allows developers to design mixed reality experiences effortlessly. “AR is amazing to experience, but tricky to develop. Your canvas is no longer a rectangular screen – it’s the physical world. We’re excited to partner with Unity to make that canvas much easier to work with,” said Wright.

VIVA’s VR team has been working with the Vuforia platform for over five years. Previous to being sold to PTC, Vuforia was originally owned by telecommunications giant Qualcomm. Members of the VR team at VIVA have implemented Vuforia for organizations such as the National Guard.  

With the globalization of AR/VR, this is the beginning of a major shift in how brands communicate with audiences.

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