Brand Leaders Must Apply “360˚ Thinking” to Use 360˚ Technology

Marketing is a hot testing ground for Virtual and Augmented Reality. But when will brands move from testing to strategic action? 2017 is the year when brands must integrate VR and AR into their marketing and event portfolio. But how? This is how to start: Research – If you think you know everything about VR and

AR/VR Is Picking Up Speed In The Auto Industry

Anyone even vaguely involved in the auto industry will confirm AR/VR’s revolutionary impact. Every link in the chain is being rethought—production, design, navigation, education, customer experience, maintenance, and safety. Innovations are happening now and analysts are already predicting massive changes. Consumers will reap the benefits with more accessibility and options. Mass marketing is dissipating amidst

VIVA Creative and VIVA VR Studios Launch EventView360˚ – A First of its Kind Virtual Reality Suite for Global Event Organizers

Washington, DC (November 29th, 2016) – VIVA Creative ( and its virtual reality lab, VIVA VR Studios ( announce the launch of EventView360˚, an integrated suite of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services designed specifically for global event organizers. “Virtual and augmented reality will drastically change event marketing,” says Lorne Greene, CEO of VIVA Creative.

Review of OZO Camera

We love to get our hands on new high-end, professional 360° video gear. That’s why we were excited to test out Nokia’s OZO camera. Like most content creators in VR, we cut our teeth using GoPro rigs. Our team was curious to experiment with the OZO camera. Is the $45,000 price tag worth the spend compared to

Vuforia & Unity Come Together To Mainstream Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) enters the fast lane with two of its top innovators. Global gaming colossus, Unity, has assimilated its capabilities with Vuforia; a pioneering force in the AR world. These cutting edge entities are no strangers to each other and have been used in tandem by leading developers such as EA and Square Enix. As

Virtual Reality I.Q. Test

1) True or False? Virtual Reality’s groundbreaking developments are becoming accessible to all levels of income, even in some countries with backdated technology. Answer: True With accessibility levels of current technology becoming mainstream, VR will be a household fixture in the near future. Products like Google Cardboard are pushing the boundaries on how we view cost

5 Trends in Healthcare Virtual Reality

With advancements in technology occurring at light speed, it’s no surprise that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are changing healthcare. What do healthcare marketers need to know about these technologies? Virtual Reality (VR) artificially creates sensory experiences, including sight, sound and touch. Most famously, VR is experienced with Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and Google